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January 25, 2021 • Mayiia

The power of prayer

Mayiia prayer

Dear friends, It is monday evening. A new week starts today! How are you doing during these times? I hope you are all healthy and holding your body and mind in a positive, healthy state! The last months I have spent a lot of time alone, writing new music and trying different ways of using the Handpan in music, just to experience it for myself. It feels good to make music again, without being in a rush.

I recognize how much I still love this instrument and how many possibilities in expression it opens. Creating music about current situations or something which impacts me emotionally always feels like "self-healing". So often we cannot speak about something, or we don’t want to speak about it. So, by putting my emotions, thoughts and questions into music, it feels as though I just close and open certain chapters in my life. In some cases this needs multiple songs to be written to fully express and convey the processes and expressions.

This means I dive deep into feeling everything, letting the emotions out and transforming them into the beautiful gift that is music. I am wondering how you guys do experience this process.

And how do you feel about repeating songs or performing songs, that you wrote on strong emotional subjects? I would love to hear some feedback and further the conversation. I am also interested in how you deal with your desires and what actions you take to come closer to them and yourself.

The intention of this talk was originally to show you my new song I just released, but the words and longing for connection in these turbulent times flowed through me, I wish to share and connect deeper about what your heart is calling for and what are the subjects that matter to us.

So, I just released a composition, with more instrumental aspects, quite short and not my usual ways of writing songs. I'm allowing my curiosity to take me in different directions and seeing what experience comes from this.

I wrote this song, when I lost someone that got locked away. During this time, I felt paralyzed and uprooted with the fact that there was not so much I could physically do, so I turned towards my belief of positive thoughts, energy and visualization, connecting with the power of prayer. Believing and somehow deeply knowing that we are all connected, beyond the limitations of physical distances, deeper connected through the heart.

Here are 6 prayers for a positive mind:
• I believe in myself.
• I choose to be happy to love myself.
• Today is going to be a great day.
• I am free of worry and regret.
• My thoughts become my reality.
• I am grateful for all that I have.

What helps you through difficult times which brings your soul, mind and body into a centered, loving state of being?
Write me some comment, or connect with me, would love to hear some feedback:

'Nocturne for T'
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