Welcome!I am Mayiia, I sing songs with Handpans.

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“A unique style of composing. Most dreamy voice, brilliant and intime.
– Nora Navarro, La Provincia

“A singer and composer, who creates truly magical moments with her warm sound, accompanied by Handpan instruments.
– Csilla Letay, Faze Magazine


Mayiia is a Berlin-based singer, composer, and Handpan player. Coming from a Jazz background, she has been experimenting with different sounds and instruments for over a decade.

Whether spoken text, improvised sound, or sung lyrics, Mayiia plays with a wide range of possibilities in her voice; taking influence from different music styles and cultures around the world. While improvising, Mayiia creates a distinct way of expressing her deepest feelings through sound. Melancholic melodies and poetic lyrics transmits her most inward-facing songs. Each song is an inquiry to the mysteries of life, a homage to the bittersweetness of both: the shadow and light of our existence.

Mayiia looks back at a long history of performances in the United States, China, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria. She has composed music for theaters and has worked in genres across several groups, such as Jose Medina Quintana Trio, The Cunninlynguists and Seba Kaapstad.

Mayiia’s new Album “PAINT” will be released in September 2024.

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